Elaine Zuckerman President, founded Gender Action in 2002 as an advocacy campaign holding International Financial Institutions (IFIs) accountable for harmful gender and climate impacts. Gender Action challenges the IFI's corporate-driven paradigm and seeks gender and climate rights and justice for women, men, and sexual minorities. In a past life Elaine joined the World Bank before structural adjustment unfolded. She worked there as an economist on environmental and rural projects in China; created the first program to end structural adjustment loan's harmful social impacts; and analyzed the gender impacts of macroeconomic policies and investments around the world across sectors. She also worked in the Inter-American Development Bank where she led that Bank's first Amazonia strategy that promoted (a) ending investments in roads, ranching and migration which undermined indigenous peoples and the environment; and (b) promoted investing only in public social services and renewable resources. Elaine studied political economy at McGill University, the University of Toronto, and Beijing University during the last few years of the Cultural Revolution.

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