As part of our ongoing advocacy work around World Bank, IMF, and other IFI policy, Gender Action partners with other organizations to ensure women's rights and gender equality. Sign-on letters are an effective way to convey messages to the IFIs, governments, the public and other stakeholders, and to build partnerships. Gender Action signs onto numerous collective advocacy letters. Below are letters that Gender Action initiated.

Letter to the World Bank President: World Bank Out of Fossil Fuels!

Gender Action co-crafted and delivered a letter to Bank President David Malpass from 110 citizen organizations demanding that the World Bank Group get Out of Fossil Fuels!

Letter to World Bank President Jim Kim on the Third Anniversary of the Haitian Earthquake

January 2013
Three years ago, an earthquake near Port-au-Prince rocked Haiti. Public sector donors, including the IFIs, have committed over US$ 13 billion to the reconstruction and humanitarian efforts. Now is the time to push for accountable aid. In a sign-on letter, Gender Action, Church World Service and 26 partners raise concerns over the World Bank's Haiti policy, calling on President Jim Kim and his staff to respond to Haitians', especially women's, needs and engage civil society proactively towards this goal. Stay tuned for more info on upcoming advocacy events.

World AIDS Day Appeal to Dramatically Increase and Improve World Bank Investments in HIV Treatment and Prevention

December 2011

Women's Letter to Christine Lagarde!
August 2011
Gender Action recently sent a letter calling on Christine Lagarde, the new Managing Director of the IMF, to end low-income country debt and austere conditions that IMF loan agreements impose, and to promote expansionary spending to improve rather than harm livelihoods.

Letter to President Obama on IFIs, debt, and gender-based violence in Haiti

July 2010
Gender Action sent a letter to President Obama to end gender-based violence and debt in Haiti through IFI intervention.
Within a month of sending our letter, the IMF cancelled most of Haiti's outstanding debt.

Letter to World Bank President Zoellick

September 2009
Gender Action sent a letter to the President of the World Bank urging him to integrate Gender into Bank HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health Investments!

Call to Fix the World Bank’s draft Health, Nutrition and Population (HNP) Strategy
April 12 to 20th, 2007
Gender Action was proud to take part in this emergency civil society sign-on action that prevented the World Bank from weakening its HNP Strategy by effectively omitting all commitments to Bank funding for family planning and reproductive health.

International Women’s Day Call: IFIs Must Stop Contributing to Violence Against Women

March 8th, 2007
Gender Action sponsored a call by 126 organizations and individuals around the world in condemning International Financial Institution (IFI) investments for intensifying poverty, human displacement, trafficking in and violence against women, prostitution, sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. The signatories insist that so long as the IFIs continue operating, they must stop attaching harmful policy prescriptions to their loans and meaningfully strengthen their safeguards to protect women and members of vulnerable groups. They also demand that the IFIs without any gender policies or strategies—the International Monetary Fund, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and European Investment Bank—develop them, and the IFIs with gender policies fully implement them.

Call for Global Actions Against the IFIs

June 15th, 2006
Gender Action and a worldwide network of activists call for (1) immediate and 100% cancellation of multilateral debts without conditionalities; (2) an open, transparent and participatory external audit of IFI lending operations, and; (3) an end to the imposition of IFI conditions and the promotion of neoliberal policies and projects including: (a) elimination of IFI-driven privatization of public services and the use of public resources to support private profits; (b) eradication of IFI funding for environmentally destructive projects beginning with big dams, oil, gas and mining, and; (d) an end to the imposition of conditions that exacerbate health crises like the AIDS pandemic and restitution for past practices such as requiring user fees for public education and health care services.


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