PROGRAMS & THEMES: Gender, IFIs and Gender-Based Violence

Case Study:Haiti

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Since the earthquake, Gender Action has monitored all World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) post-earthquake investments approved for Haiti, worth over US$1 billion as of early 2012. Finding that these investments hardly address escalating levels of GBV, Gender Action leads advocacy efforts to pressure the World Bank and IDB to respond. The World Bank finally responded to Gender Action advocacy in 2011 by approving one US$500,000 project that directly focuses on GBV in Haiti. Gender Action also contributed to the Haiti Gender Shadow Report, which called upon the Haitian government to "implement and enforce gender equity and anti-discrimination laws, in particularly against sexual violence, sexual harassment and human trafficking."

To commemorate International Women's Day 2012, Gender Action prepared this IFIs and Gender Based Violence Case Study that analyzes the extent to which World Bank and IDB investments to enhance shelter, sanitation and electricity address GBV in Haiti, as these projects have significant implications for Haiti's GBV epidemic. It also highlights an IDB-funded survey of GBV in Haiti, which took place before the earthquake, but we could not find any post-earthquake follow-up. While Gender Action applauds the World Bank's most recent investment to address GBV, our analysis demonstrates that neither the World Bank nor the IDB adequately address GBV within other critical post-earthquake investments. The case study underscores the urgent need for these institutions to fully implement their gender policies and explicitly address GBV across all sectors.

To explore more of Gender Action's work on IFIs and gender in Haiti, see our IFIs, Gender and Food Insecurity Case Study: Haiti and the Haiti Gender Shadow Report.




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