PROGRAMS & THEMES: Gender, IFIs and Gender Based Violence

Download our Gender Based Violence Primer (pdf, 862kb)

This primer presents Gender Action's analysis of GBV within World Bank and regional IFI investments and policies. GBV is often used synonymously with "violence against women" (Population Council, 2008). However, GBV encompasses sexual violence against both men and women, boys and girls, and includes a broad range of human rights violations, including rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual abuse of children, human trafficking and harmful traditional practices (UNFPA, 2011). Other acts of GBV include human rights violations during armed conflict, including "murder, systematic rape, sexual slavery and forced pregnancy" (Beijing Platform for Action, 1995). Although IFIs such as the World Bank promote gender equality and women's empowerment as a matter of policy, this primer demonstrates that IFI policies and investments fail to address GBV as a human rights issue, ignore GBV among men and boys, and neglect to measure IFI impacts on GBV through investment monitoring and evaluation. Moreover, very few IFI interventions address GBV or link GBV to HIV.

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